A typical class consists of:

  • Welcome drinks and introductions to your fellow students

  • A kitchen tour (with drinks), where recipes for the class and pencils for notes or doodling are handed out

  • A brief class overview explaining the recipes and techniques you'll learn

  • Work station assignments, where each student is given his/her own cutting board, custom Born's Kitchen apron (sexy sexy), knives and other gear required for the class

  • Hands on instruction and guidance whilst we are cooking each dish, showing you all the tricks you'll need to impress friends. Normally we'll prepare a starter or canapé to snack on whilst we are cooking.

  • A sit down meal to enjoy the dishes you've helped prepare once we have finished cooking (with more drinks)

Classes cost AED450 per person on Sunday - Wednesday and AED500 per person on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Public Holidays.

We host a variety of different cooking classes, each focused on a specific type of food from around the world.

Our recipes taste good, but you don't have to have attended Le Cordon Bleu to recreate them at home. Our goal is for you to come to class, have some fun, learn a few tricks, and then leave full with an understanding of how to prepare the dishes you ate as if you've been making them for years.

Whether you are an experienced chef, or struggle boiling pasta, there will be something for you.