I have never been accused of a enjoying a bit of controversy, not even once, but this is all starting to be a bit much. It’s about time I stick my finger this proverbial “diet and nutrition” pie. With the introduction of the Netflix around the world there has been as massive boost in “education” when it comes to diets and nutrition. With all these so called factual documentaries about food every Tom, Dick and Harry think that they are now experts.

Now bear in mind I am no scientists or nutritionist, but I plan to lay out some simple truths. I may be upsetting the apple cart but I mean really, how far can someone buy in to such biased fact finding missions when it comes to something as important as your health.

For those of you that don’t know what a Ketogenic diet is, it is a diet consisting of high fat, medium protein and low carbohydrates. It is being pushed as the best way to eat healthy, lose weight and help prevent the chronic diseases in society.

This all stems from sitting down and watching this magical documentary on Netflix called The Magic Pill. I felt the need to say something about this fallacy, and I mean if the name isn’t enough to warn you off then I don’t know what is. I mean what kind of nincompoop can actually think that using a name like that for a so-called “factual documentary” is a good idea. So from the get go skepticism was at an all time high. (Still laughing at that fool). That’s the only part of the documentary that I found entertaining the rest was infuriating. If you have an idea, a hypothesis it really isn’t all that hard to prove it right. You go out looking for the perfect test subjects run them through the phases and voila you have the answers you want. In this case they hand picked their victims with incredible accuracy, they went into homes of people who quite possibly had the worst diets you have ever seen and introduced not what I would call a healthy diet but one that was far better than their victims existing ones. 4 - 5 weeks later and they can see a massive improvement on their health, therefore the diet works. Come on now!! If you feed someone sugar and water in hot climate for months they aren’t going to be doing so well, add some protein and carbs in to their diet and there is going to a major change. That is not rocket science or a proven life changing disease defying diet. No no my friends that is just an upgrade from a really bad diet.

Next up comes the whole theory that this “Keto Diet” as the cool kids know it by helps prevent heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes oh and cancer apparently. This is all due to low carbohydrate intake whilst consuming a high amount of fats. I think not! I mean come on who was this study preformed on, they couldn’t quite have possibly studied anyone in the Eastern Hemisphere could they. Oh wait they didn’t! If they did it would very quickly become clear that the “Keto Diet” was a waste of time. The Eastern Hemisphere makes up just over two thirds of the worlds population and guess what? From India all the way to the Pacific Ocean they have a huge carb intake. Rice, noodles, breads, and all sorts of other delicious creations. In fact they actually eat more carbs than any nutritionist would deem healthy. The funny part of it all has to do with the issue of health, the East has the lowest rates of heart disease, obesity, cholesterol, diabetes and the list goes on. So how in anyone’s right mind can you possibly believe that carbs are the devil when over 4 billion people live perfectly healthy lives, oh wait healthier lives than the rest of the world.

It all boils down to the simple fact, that in the first world, in the West people are just straight up lazy. They can’t be bothered to cook or go out shopping and buy fresh groceries. Its so much easier to buy pre-packaged frozen processed meals and live an unhealthy life. Please, what a bunch of rubbish. People say they don’t know how to cook, neither did I, neither did I know how to walk, talk, speak, run, well you know what I am getting at, that is just ludicrous. People say that don’t have time, that is almost just as bad, if you have time to be on social media, facebook, instagram, even reading this blog you have plenty of time to cook yourself a nice wholesome meal. It really is just that simple, all these fad diets and get fit quick plans are all just one big Ponzi Scheme. Learn how to cook, do some exercise, breathe in the fresh air, get off your lazy butts. Most things in life don’t come easy and most you have to work at. The most important of all of those things is your health and your body, if that is not functioning then how are you supposed to do the rest?

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

If you have any questions relating to eating healthier or just some simple easy menu ideas give me a shout I will do my best to help out.

If you haven’t seen the documentary and feel the need to watch it here is the link: